In response to Amanda Marchand’s letter regarding the Catalyst Mill’s pollution, I have three points to make.

Firstly Ms. Marchand does not have to live near to the smoke stack. The mill has been here for decades, probably way before Ms. Marchand chose her home.

Secondly, I would like to know more about the Halalt Nation’s vision that “involves solid thinking about jobs…and the economy”. Just how do they plan to replace what is probably the biggest employer in the Cowichan Valley?

Thirdly, I am sure the hundreds of workers who lose their livelihood if the mill closes will be relieved to know that they can comb local beaches for untainted shellfish to feed their children.

I have no connection to the Catalyst mill whatsoever but I am astonished by the narrow vision and utter disregard for the well being of local people who work at Catalyst expressed in Amanda Marchand’s letter.

The Working Forest