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High school career path event starts here.

Date: Feb 26, 2024
Time: Starts at 10.30 EST
Platform: Online Event


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Attention High Schools and Students:

The Working Forest has joined forces with some of the top educators and employers in the business to bring you career opportunities of a lifetime.

Our Career Path Event will teach you how to join the ranks of millions of people making millions of dollars in the forestry industry. For a limited time, you can register as a school or as a student or you can sign up to sponsor this event.

Why Register?

  • Discover Diverse Careers: From fieldwork to policy-making, learn about the myriad of career opportunities in the forestry sector.
  • Engage with Employers: You don’t have to spend years in college before you get hired.  We will introduce you to industry leaders offering training, certification, and real-world experience right out of high school.
  • Connect with Universities & Colleges: Explore academic courses, degrees, and training programs tailored for a lucrative forestry career.

Event Highlights:

  • Live Streamed Sessions: Dive deep into the world of forestry with experts from various fields.
  • On-Demand Videos: Watch at your leisure – virtual tours, student testimonials, and more.
  • Guest Speakers & Workshops: Engage with professionals sharing their experiences and insights.
  • Q&A Panels: Get your questions answered by a diverse panel of experts.

The future of forestry is about nurturing the next generation of thinkers, doers, and innovators. Let’s sow the seeds of curiosity and watch them grow into a forest of opportunities.

Warm regards,

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Yes! The Working Forest will be at the Wood Trade Event on April 8-11, 2024.  See you there!

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