A load retention tariff at the local paper mill continues to do what it was intended.

On January 23, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) issued a decision regarding the Nova Scotia Power Inc. and Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) load retention tariff.
Dave Rodenheiser, spokesperson with NSPI, said the decision found the current tariff is valid.

“The UARB had its consultant do an examination [as to] whether the tariff continues to be operating as it was intended to and the finding was that in fact it was operating as it was designed and intended to,” said Rodenheiser.

“There were a couple of administrative changes that were made as result of the work that was ongoing there but it produced no impact to the operation of the tariff itself.”

Rodenheiser explained the load retention tariff was set up a few years ago to assist with the reopening of the mill. The tariff was designed based on the demand on the power system from the mill.

“The mill provides a certain amount of demand on the system which means the mill is paying… contributions towards the overall fixed costs of the electricity system,” he said.

“The more customers you have that are contributing to the fixed costs of the system, it helps keep the cost of the system lower and more stable for all customers.”

Marc Dube, PHP development manager, said the decision basically means it is business as usual for the mill.

“There is benefit to other ratepayers by us being on the system,” he added.