Photons journey from the sun to the leaf of a tree in the opening scenes of a Manitoba-made film that explores the science and wisdom of the world’s forests.

Call of the Forest is a love letter to the world’s trees made over five years by Winnipeg filmmaker Jeff McKay.

“If you opened up a family photo album of mine, you’d just as likely have seen pictures of leaves and tree bark,” McKay said.

“My dad was a real kind of nature guy.”

McKay heard world-recognized author, scientist and environmentalist Diana Beresford-Kroeger speaking about her book The Global Forestand was inspired to make the film.

“I knew something about trees but when I heard Diana talk it really swept me away,” McKay said.

Beresford-Kroeger and McKay travelled the world to visit some of the most beautiful forests of the northern hemisphere. They went to the sacred sugi and cedar forest of Japan and the ancient Raheen Wood of Ireland, but Beresford-Kroeger said Manitoba is home to one of the world’s most remarkable forests.

“You have got a most fantastic forest to the north of us — the boreal forest. It is the master mind of the world. It is the last great working forest on the planet,” she said.

The film is screening in Winnipeg at Cinematheque this week. Find information here.