Registration for the not-to-be-missed event of the fall, Woodrise 2019, has officially started!

Co-organized by FPInnovations and the FCBA (France), 1000 attendees are expected at the Woodrise 2019 international conference on mid-rise and high-rise wood-building construction taking place at the Quebec City Convention Center from September 30 to October 4, 2019. The event, with the theme, “Building Our Cities for Future Generations,” is designed to be a unique international forum that will bring together all the major stakeholders who have joined forces to make wood THE essential material for the development of tomorrow’s sustainable cities.

Woodrise aims to position North America as a key player and a technological showcase for wood construction materials and building systems while stimulating synergy between participants from different countries. The conference will also bring together main stakeholders, decision-makers, professionals and specialists, members of the academic community, and government representatives involved in the construction industry, through conferences and presentations, inter-company exchanges, plenary sessions, technical workshops, and other activities of interest.


The second edition of the WOODRISE International Congress on midrise and tall wood buildings will be held in Québec City, under the theme “Building our Cities for Future Generations.” During the congress, the environmental and economic advantages of such buildings will be discussed.

Through its presentations and demonstrations of non-traditional and innovative wood buildings, WOODRISE will present worldwide economical and sustainable solutions for this sector of the future. The development of innovative wood building systems and designs focused on midrise and tall buildings will allow the construction industry to address tomorrow’s challenges for our planet. WOODRISE acts as a catalyst, a platform to exchange ideas to accelerate the implementation of concrete actions to position wood as a vital element of the development of the cities of tomorrow.

Join this unique, international forum that promises to gather all key stakeholders, decision makers and professionals to shape tomorrow’s wood construction industry.

  • A four-day congress
  • Over 1000 participants from all over the world
  • A business congress and wide-scale exhibitions over three days
  • Internationally recognized speakers and specialists in economic affairs
  • Thematic plenary sessions, technical sessions and B2B networking sessions
  • Meeting of the WOODRISE Alliance members, featuring 13 research centres in 10 countries
  • Field visits and activities
  • A gala evening that you won’t want to miss!
  1. Position wood as an economic and ecological construction material in a sustainable and eco-friendly urban development environment.
  2. Connect business partners interested in addressing the challenges of urbanization and show them the economical alternatives of wood solutions.
  3. Stimulate the creation of international alliances and collaborations within various business congresses, thematic workshops or B2B sessions.
  4. Involve the international community toward a reduction of the sustainable construction urban environmental footprint through the increase usage of wood.
  5. Establish the notoriety of Canada as a key player in the development of midrise and tall wood buildings.

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