In January 2019, the CSA 086 Technical Committee endorsed the inclusion of Canadian grown Norway Spruce as having met the structural design values for “North Species” (as published in the CSA 086 Engineering Design in Wood)

In March of this year, the American Lumber Standards Committee approved the submitted in-grade design values for Canadian grown Norway Spruce as a “stand-alone” species. This designation means for most properties it falls below U.S. structural design values for S-P-F but has higher values than North Species.

Canadian grown Norway Spruce must be identified on a grade stamp in one of two ways. It can be identified as an individual species “N Spr (N),” or “N. Species.” If Norway Spruce lumber is being exported to the United States with the “North Species” stamp, it will assume the North Species design values.

The inclusion of Canadian grown Norway Spruce as a structural species marks a historic moment for Canada. It is the first “non-native” softwood species in the history of the country to have published design values for dimensional lumber and timbers. After many years of testing and analysis, design values are now in place. Therefore industry producers wishing to obtain and/or market structural Canadian Grown Norway Spruce can now do so.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain further information on utilization of Canadian grown Norway Spruce, please contact the office of the Maritime Lumber Bureau., T.902-667-3889.