Nokian Heavy Tyres, Nokia, Finland – When the terrain is harsh but even the most challenging work needs to be done, equipment with an outstanding quality comes in need. Featuring radical new thinking in tractor tire technology, the no-compromise Nokian Tractor King tire is designed for the heaviest of machinery and the most difficult terrain in forestry, earthmoving and road maintenance. Now the Nokian Tractor King tire family expands its potential even further with a new tire size.

In 2018, Nokian Tyres launched a new type of tractor tire. Combining the strength of an earthmoving tire with a new kind of lug pattern, the versatile Nokian Tractor King tire pushed the boundaries of tractor work in demanding forestry, earthmoving and road maintenance applications. In 2019 eight new tire sizes were launched, and from April 2020 onwards a brand-new size takes the revolution even further.

“The continuous developing and improving our innovations is extremely important for us,” says Teemu Vainionpää, product manager at Nokian Tyres. He emphasizes that the whole design of Nokian Tractor King tire – from its all-new tread pattern to fortified carcass – is nothing short of revolutionary. “And we want to spread that revolution, of course. That’s why it’s essential to make Nokian Tractor King tire available for a wide range of machines”, he adds.
With the increase in machine weights, horsepower and road speeds comes the need for a tractor tire that can make a difference. Nokian Tractor King is brimming with innovation, challenging users to push the limits of tractor work. With the high load capacity of 320 kPa, Nokian Tractor King tire also supports the use of heavy tractor accessories.

“There is more contact area due to the wide tread. At the same time the double lug provides more tractive edges”, says Christof Wiederstein who works in logging and forestry in Hergenroth, Germany. “The tire works perfectly in muddy conditions and provides top-class traction and lateral grip – even on slippery rocks.”

15 different sizes

In 2018, Nokian Tractor King tire was first made available in seven sizes:








To make the tire compatible with a wider range of machinery, eight new sizes were launched in 2019:









Now the range of machinery is developed even further, as from April 2020 there will be a new size: 650/65R42