MY CARIBOU NOW — A joint release went out on behalf of the Lhtako Dene Nation and West Fraser stating that working together will strengthen industry and further sustain resilient communities in the Quesnel area.

“For many decades, we have consistently seen West Fraser’s forest professionals demonstrate how sustainable forest management in Lhtako Dene traditional territory, can balance environmental, economic and community values, using planning and management techniques that reflect our values,” said Chief Clifford Lebrun.

“Currently, West Fraser is trialing different harvesting techniques, reforestation practices, managing for medicinal plants and wildlife, as well as prioritizing important fisheries values-all of which are of great importance to us.   Through our enhanced commitment, we are building on this approach by working together closely, managing the forest on Lhtako Dene traditional territory for values important to use and the public overall,” said Lebrun.

The release goes on to say that a strong local forest industry also supports small, medium and large businesses that keep communities thriving, including services like gas stations, tourism infrastructure, restaurants, local food networks, as well as important backcountry recreational and cultural access.

“We highly value our mutually respectful, long-term relationship with Lhtako Dene Nation and see great opportunity in working even closer together on forest management over their traditional territory,” said Stuart Lebeck, Woodlands Manager, West Fraser. “The Lhtako Dene Nation has demonstrated forward-thinking leadership, has taught us different, valuable perspectives and ways of thinking in the forest management process and has shown interest in further partnerships through employment and contracting services in the forest industry.  We are committed to working together to support that vision and being together on the land.”

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