The Government of Yukon is moving forward with a review of the Forest Resources Act, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Scott Kent announced today.

“The Forest Resources Act has been instrumental in developing modern forest management that supports viable and sustainable forest-based industries for Yukon,” Kent said. “The review mandated in the act presents the opportunity to ensure our forest legislation meets the needs of First Nations, industry and the public while protecting the health of our forests.”

The Forest Resources Act is the first natural resources legislation to have been developed in Yukon since devolution. The act includes a provision mandating a review of the legislation five years after its initial passage.

“The act’s review demonstrates the Yukon government’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a positive investment climate and fostering sustainable development to benefit Yukoners,” Kent added.

Phase one of the review will begin with discussions with First Nations, renewable resource councils, forest industry representatives and conservation groups.

Phase two will explore possible amendments to the act and is expected to begin in 2017. The public will have opportunities to provide input throughout the review process.