NORTH BAY, ON – On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm ET, Workplace Safety North (WSN) hosts its second COVID-19 Conversations free webinar titled “Leadership in Times of Uncertainty.”

The webinar series is designed to help businesses and communities cope with changes caused by the pandemic. More than 200 people attended the first webinar and learned from community business leaders how they were coping with the challenges of the pandemic, including the importance of self-care, checking in on each other, and understanding work rhythms and productivity.

Employers, workers, and community members are invited to participate in the free monthly WSN Feed Your Brain Lunch and Learn webinar series to discuss the most pressing issues we are all facing and to learn from experts and each other.
At the June 24 webinar, participants have the opportunity to learn from leadership expert, Nadine Trodel, WSN Health, and Safety Specialist, and lead for the WSN Leadership+ program that helps equip current and aspiring leaders with critical knowledge and skills to help their organization succeed.

Trodel is a former manager of Health, Safety, Environment, and Improvement, and has helped drive cultural change for mining companies around the world. With more than 20 years’ experience, Trodel has worked towards a master’s degree in Public Health, and holds two university degrees in microbiology and socio-cultural anthropology. She continues to study Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Alberta.

“Participants have been kind enough to share questions in advance about the leadership issues they are facing,” says Trodel. “We shaped the presentation into themes that address all of the excellent feedback we received.”

“We’ll talk about the skills needed to lead in a crisis, and how to adapt to and manage the new stressors in the workplace. There are so many changes going on due to the pandemic, and it’s especially important for leaders to be observant about the needs of others.

“This session is for everyone – whether you’re a formal leader with a title or an informal leader in your workplace or community,” notes Trodel. “We’ll talk about the importance of building trust, which is fundamental to ensuring you can inspire and enable the people around you.”

The webinar will be hosted by Angele Poitras, WSN Community Engagement Specialist, and Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor.

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