Wood pellets have become a favourite for those who shy away from electricity or fuel to heat their home. But they’re becoming harder to find.

“My advice is to get them while you can, as soon as you can,” said Home Hardware employee Daniel Anstis. “People have been buying them in August.”

In the last few years wooden pellets have been in high demand and short supply.

Derek Russell, the manager of wood pellet supplier H.J. Crabbe & Sons Lumber, said he’s been preparing for the heightened demand all year.

“We’ve been running a double shift here at our facility and this summer we did a couple of modifications that will give us an extra 20 per cent production.”

Russell says the shortage may be short-lived as long as the winter isn’t as harsh as last winter.

Those looking to buy wood pellets are limited to how much they can buy when they do find them.

“Two pallets is the maximum,” said Anstis. “Every two weeks we’ll get a truck which is about 26 pallets and there’s 70 bags to a pallet,” he said.

“We try to keep it so it’s even for everyone, so that everyone can get some.”