Wood-Mizer has significantly broadened its reach into the industrial sawmilling market with the introduction of Wood-Mizer Titan. The company now offers a full line of wideband sawmill equipment that is designed to improve timber production rates and elevate a sawmill’s operational efficiency. This new product line is a result of a purchase agreement with Multisaw, a well-established manufacturer of wideband sawmill equipment since 1990.

Wood-Mizer also supplies thin-kerf, narrowband portable and industrial sawmills.

The Wood-Mizer TITAN line includes wideband primary and secondary breakdown sawmills and resaws as well as circular saw edgers, multirips, optimizing edgers, manual board edgers, and material handling equipment.

“Our well-known narrowband industrial range has helped wood producers worldwide cut costs and raise yields,” says Richard Vivers, president and CEO of Wood-Mizer. “But that is just one piece of a very big market. With Wood-Mizer TITAN, we will serve the high-throughput needs of industrial operations with our established network of locations and commitment to customer support throughout the world.”

TITAN wideband sawmill equipment has proven its advantages in some demanding markets. Patula Product Sawmill in South Africa uses the TITAN system to produce high-throughput structural timber. Patula’s operation consists of a TITAN twin vertical bandsaw, TITAN double arbor circular multirip, TITAN twin head resaw, and two TITAN manual board edging systems.

“We wanted high production wideband sawmilling technology that we could rely on to cut the quality that we want and with enough additional capacity available to grow production into the future,” said Phillip Anderson of Patula. “This is exactly what we’ve now achieved,” added Troy Cooper of Patula. “In the last month, we have increased throughput again by 27 percent.”

TITAN wideband machines will greatly expand Wood-Mizer’s range, which will now consist of two distinct product lines, each geared towards the specific volume and budget requirements of the end-user. Wood-Mizer’s portable and industrial sawmill line continues to provide narrowband sawmilling solutions for entry level to professional and industrial operations. Wood-Mizer’s TITAN products are strongly-built wideband sawmilling solutions for high-throughput industrial sawmilling applications.

Each TITAN product is designed to operate as standalone equipment for existing sawmilling lines or to form an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user. The TITAN line provides for primary and secondary log breakdown across a range of log diameters varying from 4 in. to 24 in. (100-600 mm). In addition, Wood-Mizer will be offering wideband blades soon for use on TITAN machines with blade widths up to 6 in. (150 mm).