Rain may have cooled off Saskatchewan’s wildfire situation, but the province is not out of the woods yet, environment officials say.

Hundreds of Canadian Forces members were leaving the fire zone in the province’s north Monday and there are fewer active fires than last week.

But with 98 fires still burning, the battle to protect northern communities and forests continues.

Steve Roberts, who heads the wildfire management branch, said it is expected to be warmer and windier tomorrow, possibly resulting in more lightning strikes and fires.

Even with the Canadian Forces leaving, another 800 people remain on the fire lines.

Unlike the situation a week ago, there are only two small communities directly threatened by fire — Hall Lake and Clam Crossing.

Work continues to secure a fire line to protect those communities, Roberts said.

It’s been an unprecedented year for wildfires.

So far there have been 646 forest fires in the north, compared to 235 the same time last year.