Wildfire activity throughout B.C.  has  calmed somewhat from the situation  experienced  just a couple of weeks ago.

There are 127 wildfires burning in B.C. right now,  three of them  spotted  yesterday.  Those numbers are well below the  days when  as many as 18 new fires were  being reported  on practically  a  daily basis as  most of the province was  under an extreme fire danger rating.

Only the southeast portion of B.C. remains in  that  extreme rating  zone,  as extremely hot  temperatures persist  amid dry conditions.    There is a risk of lightning today along the  south east border with Alberta, so  there is a potential  for  further flare ups says Wildfire Branch  Chief Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek. “We are going to have to keep a close eye on these  weather systems to see where that lightning is going to come and whether or not it’s going to come with any rain.”

There were ten new wildfires sparked over the weekend,  4 of them caused by human activity.   Skrepnek says there is a concern that people may be complacent now that  the fire danger rating has been  downgraded for much of the province and there have been  wet and cool conditions .  “If people are in  an area where campfires are allowed that they are fully extinguishing them before they leave the area for any period of time, and especially for the next few days   given that  quick rebound to hot and dry conditions ( in the southern  interior) making  sure people are using all proper precautions  in the back country.”

Since April 1st,  the cost of fire fighting in B.C. has hit $190 million dollars,  with 1,447 fires  throughout the Province, burning 283,000 hectares since that date.