NANAIMO — Western Forest Products is taking steps to reduce the hum from its Duke Point sawmill.

WFP will add a piece of silencing equipment at the operation just south of Nanaimo in late April or early May, senior director of communications Babita Khunkhun told NanaimoNewsNOW.

Khunhun said the silencer was recommended by an acoustical engineer, who the mill hired to study the issue following several complaints from the surrounding community and involvement by the City of Nanaimo.

“The reason for us engaging with those consultants was really to identify the precise issue so we would put in place a longer-term solution that would address the concerns we’ve been hearing,” Khun Khun said.

The constant humming noise heard around downtown Nanaimo, Cedar, Chase River and beyond began in the summer when WFP installed a new piece of equipment at the sawmill.

Discussions with the community and City led to the sawmill re-directing the noise, however, that only prompted more complaints from Garbiola and Protection Island residents.

Randy Shalagan, who lives along the Newcastle Channel, created an online petition and spearheaded efforts to push for a solution.

He said WFP showed a willingness to correct the problem.

“For the most part, I think everyone was very impressed by the fact they have moved on it quickly,” Shalagan said.

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