Voith and TSP have launched a new joint venture – TSP OnCare Digital Assets Inc.

“With the new joint venture between Voith and TSP, Voith is enlarging its footprint in North America in the important field of automation and digitalization services. “With TSP, we have the right partner to expand our customer base and tap into new markets,” said Marcos Blumer, executive vice president & COO of Voith Digital Ventures.

The new company, TSP OnCare Digital Assets, in which Voith holds the majority, will be led by a united management team comprised of both Voith Digital Ventures and TSP. The company is headed by Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, senior vice president Automation Services and Upgrades at Voith Digital Ventures North America. This approach to leadership will utilize the combined expertise of both companies while ensuring consistency and continuity for customers.

“The strategic position of TSP OnCare Digital Assets to support all digital systems within our customers’ complex environment is reducing complexity and risk in the plant maintenance of our customers’ digital assets,” said Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, president TSP OnCare Digital Assets “and is complemented with a lean, flexible service organization and strong training and recruiting capabilities.”

TSP OnCare Digital Assets will combine the business strengths of both companies to provide a superior, multi-vendor service experience for all OEMs, combining more than 20% of the market in paper machine quality control systems (QCS) and monitoring systems services. As part of an ongoing and continuous effort to serve all systems within a customer’s complex environment, TSP OnCare Digital Assets is dedicated to investing in employee training to maximize capabilities and in remote service and training systems.

“Our primary business purpose is to provide excellent service to our industrial automation customers,” said Rick Skaggs, Director TSP OnCare Digital Assets and President and founder of TSP. “Our customers can expect to continue receiving superior service, now strengthened by Voith’s technology expertise.”