The 10th annual Global Log & Lumber Conference will be a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE with a Live Q & A Session via ZOOM held on Thursday June 18, 2020. The Conference will focus on the normal global log and lumber trends but will include the current impacts of COVID-19 on markets and trade from around the world.

The Virtual Conference format will feature pre-recorded presentations distributed to delegates in advance followed by eight live Question, Answer and Discussion Sessions over ZOOM.

On the conference date (June 18), we will facilitate questions from the delegates to the speakers as well as some additional experts on a live schedule throughout the day. We would also record the question and answer sessions for those that cannot be available to listen in live or where the time zones are not convenient for this. This will provide attendees with current updates on industry and market conditions from all major regions of the world.

There are two conference registration options: as an Individual (access to presentations (recorded and PDFs) and the Q & A (live and recorded) – this will all be restricted to one login ID and computer), and Corporate (no restrictions to accessing all conference materials in one company).

We hope to contribute to better global communications in these changing times with the new format of our Global Log & Lumber VIRTUAL Conference on Thursday June 18, 2020.