Forest Products Association of Canada CEO Derek Nighbor issued the following statement today in response to a final decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission to terminate and refund duties the U.S. has been unfairly imposing on Canadian uncoated groundwood paper and newsprint:

“As the association that represents the Canadian forest products industry, we are very pleased by the final decision of the U.S. International Trade Commission which is an outcome we believed should have been the case from the start.

The duties that were imposed had a negative impact on newspapers, printers, book publishers and a range of other industries. These discriminatory tariffs also threatened jobs and resulted in unnecessarily increased costs for business and consumers, not only in Canada but in the U.S. as well.

Common sense has prevailed, and this is a positive Canada-U.S. trade outcome during a period that has been challenging.
FPAC thanks political leaders, business groups, and labour organizations on both sides of the border that have stood with Canada’s forest products sector in the face of these unfounded tariffs.”