WASHINGTON, PRNewswire — The U.S. Lumber Coalition has expressed concern over the recently announced and implied aid programs across Canada to benefit the Canadian Lumber industry. The announcements of additional aid to Canadian producers are of particular concern in the already difficult market environment for U.S. producers and workers brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coalition will closely examine the details of each and every announcement of aid and will aggressively pursue any initiative that constitutes further aid to the already heavily subsidized Canadian softwood lumber industry.

“The last thing the U.S. industry, its workers, and forestry dependent communities need at this difficult time is even more heavily subsidized and unfairly traded Canadian lumber imports further disrupting our markets,” said Jason Brochu, co-president of Pleasant River Lumber Company, Maine.

The United States International Trade Commission has ruled that the U.S. lumber industry is materially injured by Canadian government subsidies of their softwood lumber industry, and the U.S. Department of Commerce has confirmed that Canadian producers continue to be heavily subsidized.

“The U.S. lumber industry will continue to push for the full enforcement of the U.S. trade laws against Canada’s unfair trade practices so that the U.S. lumber industry and the 350,000 men and women who support it can continue to compete on a level playing field in a fair-trade environment,” concluded Brochu.