In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA), alongside the Honourable Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, will be rolling up their sleeves to help Habitat for Humanity GTA build 15 homes for working, low-income families.  As the Official Wood Sponsor for these 15 homes, OFIA is proud that these homes will be built with Ontario Wood – the only naturally, renewable resource.

OFIA’s forestry community, members of provincial government, Indigenous leaders and students will be providing sweat equity at two build days taking place on May 18th  & 19th at the Pinery Trail site in Toronto (140 Pinery Trail). Weston Forest will be facilitating the delivery of Ontario Wood to the build site.

“We were thrilled when the OFIA came to us and offered to be the Official Wood Sponsor for these fifteen homes as their way of celebrating the wood industry’s role in building Canada over the last 150 years. In the process, we have been learning a great deal about the constant renewal of our forests as a result of sustainable forestry and also about the incredible role Canada’s forests play in mitigating climate change,” said Ene Underwood, CEO, Habitat for Humanity GTA

Jamie Lim, President & CEO, Ontario Forest Industries Association said  “Considering the challenges presented by the Trump Administration trade action, Ontario’s forestry leaders are glad to be working hand in hand with partners to do what our sector has been doing for generations – provide provincially sourced sustainable wood for the building of homes. Building communities is in our nature. In addition to honouring our sector’s legacy as part of Canada’s economic foundation, the Habitat build is also an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the future of forestry.”
In a sector that is older than Canada, OFIA’s member companies have been producing wood to build local communities for over 150 years. By upholding some of the world’s best forest management practices, Ontario’s forestry community sustainably harvests our forests to ensure that there are renewable wood products available to build and furnish homes for families today and for generations to come.

Honourable Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry said “I’m happy to put on my hard hat and get my hammer out to help with this great project for Habitat for Humanity and I’m proud to see representatives from Ontario’s forestry sector stepping up and giving back to our communities. Through these new houses, OFIA is helping working, low-income families here in Toronto and showcasing the great things we can build with quality, locally sourced, and sustainably harvested Ontario Wood,”

“Weston Forest is very excited to be involved in the partnership between OFIA and Habitat for Humanity GTA. Facilitating the Ontario wood to be used to build the 15 homes at Pinery Trail has been a great honour. It really is encouraging to take part and support the use of the OFIA members’ locally sourced, sustainable wood products right here in Toronto,” said Rob Hruby, Vice President – Purchasing & US Commodity Trading, Weston Forest

“We were honoured to be asked by OFIA to participate in their Habitat for Humanity build. The Carpenters’ Union contributes to creating a stronger society while building the infrastructure and opportunity for our future,” said Mike Yorke, President, Carpenters’ Union Local 27. “Building with wood is just as important to the members of our Union as it is to the forest sector. That’s why it is so important that we educate our youth in investing in a sustainable future. Building these homes alongside students that may be interested in a future in carpentry or forestry, is a very exciting opportunity.”

“Ontario home builders are proud to utilize Ontario wood products and support jobs in the forestry industry. Builders believe that wood is good, but Ontario wood is better,” said Joe Vaccaro, CEO, Ontario Home Builders’ Association

Canada’s future is in our forests. OFIA’s members are committed to continuing the forest sector’s remarkable legacy of growing local economies by harvesting and growing trees. Ontario’s forestry community will continue to put wood to work responsibly by providing wood products to support Habitat for Humanity and the wellbeing of all Ontarians.

So when will Ontario Harvest its last tree and build its last home? Never.

Join us on for our media event at 8:30am on Thursday, May 18th at 140 Pinery Trail in Scarborough. Among our volunteers will be honoured guests: Honourable Kathryn McGarry, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Honourable David Zimmer, Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and His Worship Roger Sigouin, Mayor of Hearst.