Emergency crews were called to a logging accident just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. Three loggers were hit by a tree near the Monashee Pass forestry road, east of Cherryville.

“It was a logging incident. They were actually actively logging and one of the logs struck the three people on the line,” says RCMP Sgt. Rob Daly.

The three were reportedly working down a 500 foot embankment when the tree fell on them. According to RCMP two of the loggers were able to get to safety on their own, while the third needed to be saved by a helicopter winch rescue team from Vernon Search and Rescue. The man was then airlifted to Kelowna General Hospital.

“The BC Ambulance people on site said they probably could not have got this fellow out with any other means,” says search manager with Vernon Search and Rescue Leigh Pearson.

According to the RCMP, none of the injuries are life-threatening. WorkSafeBC says one person is believed to have been seriously hurt while the other two workers had only minor injuries.

WorkSafeBC is on now investigating.