OTTAWA — The Forest Products Association of Canada expressed its support for the provisional application of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union. This agreement will immediately result in the elimination of quotas and tariffs of up to 10 per cent on Canadian exports of wood-based panels and other wood products to the European Union.

“We welcome the provisional application of the agreement, as a start to freer trade within the area,” CEO of FPAC, Derek Nighbor. “The prosperity of the forest products industry relies on strong exports, which CETA will help support.”

Last year the Canadian forest sector exported more than $1 billion of wood, pulp and paper products to the EU member states. This is three per cent of total exports of Canadian forest products, making Europe the fourth largest international market for the sector. The largest importers of Canadian forest products in Europe are the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

FPAC looks forward to the benefits of having a progressive trade agreement with the European Union, including the Bilateral Dialogue on Forest Products that will help prevent non-tariff barriers.

“The sector is working hard to diversify its markets beyond the United States and we encourage the government to continue with its efforts to extend freer trade. Our industry has had consistent growth and exports with our Atlantic partners and we look forward to strengthening this relationship via the CETA,” says Nighbor.

FPAC also urges speedy full implementation by governments of this landmark deal.