The Pacheedaht First Nation and TimberWest Forest Corp. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize a long-term collaborative commitment in support of First Nation culture, environmental stewardship and restoration projects, and forestry education, mentorship and business opportunities.

“TimberWest believes strongly in collaborative approaches with our neighbours,” says Jeff Zweig, president and CEO of TimberWest. “The MoU with the Pacheedaht First Nation will strengthen our relationship, open dialogue between us, and foster genuine collaborative initiatives that benefit both parties. We look forward to the next several years working alongside the Pacheedaht First Nation.”

The MoU commits both parties to work together for mutual benefit and share knowledge and expertise on sustainable forest management practices, while collaborating on important cultural and environmental objectives.

“We have worked closely with TimberWest for many years, specifically on environmental projects through the San Juan Stewardship Roundtable,” says Chief Jeff Jones, Pacheedaht First Nation. “It is a natural next step for us to formalize our joint commitments on additional partnership projects, and business opportunities. We are excited about the future projects we will accomplish with TimberWest over the coming years under the MoU.”

Pacheedaht First Nation territory includes the lands and waters along the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. The Nation is actively reviving Pacheedaht culture and has recently launched its land use planning process to design future activities in the territory. Additionally, it is leading several economic ventures involving members, including a new sawmill at Port Renfrew.