OTTAWA, ON, April 15, 2024 – Tim Hortons is taking a step towards reducing single-use plastics by introducing plastic-free, fiber hot beverage lids in select restaurants in Ottawa and Gatineau.

The trial, which will last for up to six weeks, aims to develop a guest-friendly alternative that is easier to compost or recycle while still providing a great drinking experience.

Developing a Sustainable Solution

Tim Hortons is focusing more on finding innovative solutions to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

The new fiber lids being tested in Ottawa and Gatineau are designed to mimic the feel of the current plastic lids while being completely plastic-free.

This initiative is part of Tim Hortons’ five-year journey to develop more sustainable packaging options.

Paul Yang, Senior Director of Procurement, Sustainability and Packaging for Tim Hortons, expressed excitement about the trial, stating,

“We’re known for serving Canada’s favorite coffee, so it’s important that we develop a best-in-class solution for our guests. These fiber lids are part of our ongoing efforts to find more sustainable alternatives for all our packaging.”

Building on Previous Success

This is not the first time Tim Hortons has tested fiber lids. A similar trial was conducted in select restaurants in Vancouver in early 2023, resulting in a reduction of over 3.3 million plastic lids.

Another successful test took place in Prince Edward Island earlier this year. The improved version of the fiber lid used in these previous trials will be utilized in the Ottawa and Gatineau test.

Tim Hortons: An Icon

Tim Hortons has been a beloved part of Canadian culture since the first restaurant opened its doors in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. Known for its iconic Original Blend coffee, Double-Double™ coffees, Donuts, and Timbits®.  With nearly 4,000 restaurants across the country, Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest restaurant chain in the quick service industry.

In recent years, Tim Hortons has made significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact. The introduction of wooden and fiber cutlery, as well as the replacement of plastic lids on Loaded Bowls with fiber lids, are just some of the steps the company has taken to promote sustainability.

Joining the Sustainable Movement

By testing plastic-free, fiber hot beverage lids in Ottawa and Gatineau, Tim Hortons is hoping to gain valuable feedback and give customers the opportunity to contribute to the development of more eco-friendly packaging options.

Tim Hortons hopes to find innovative solutions to reduce single-use plastics and create a more sustainable future. With the support of its loyal customers, the company aims to make a positive impact on the environment while continuing to serve Canada’s favorite coffee.

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