thyssenkrupp Materials Services, the largest materials trader and service provider in the western world, has recently become a partner of MPDV’s Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). In an interview with MPDV, Pascal Frank, Sales and Project Manager at thyssenkrupp Materials IoT GmbH, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, explains the solution developed by the company in order to use the MIP ecosystem and also the added value it creates for users.

thyssenkrupp introduced its manufacturing app (mApp) toii® to the ecosystem of the MIP. What does the mApp do?

Completely different systems, machines and production equipment from different manufacturers communicate with each other using toii. The spectrum ranges from calipers and manual band saws to multi-stage production systems.

Each process requires information to start and process accommodated work sequences. We use toii to transfer information between different systems − from the origin to the cloud solution. This enables to develop simplified ways of communication that are faster and less faulty. At the same time, you have options to analyze and increase potentials. The added value can, therefore, be seen in a wide range of use cases, such as paperless operations, reduced transport movements, knowledge transfer, operator instruction, analysis of downtimes, higher machine capacity utilization and increasing productivity and quality performance.

Why did you decide to become a partner of the MIP? What were the primary reasons?

Integrated systems can act in a targeted manner in a network and provide the user with a significant added value. The aim should be to unite diverse technologies and applications on one platform. This is exactly what the MIP promises.

What effects do you envisage from the partnership?

The networking of the systems in the partnership provides the user with new functions and easier access to technology. MPDV and thyssenkrupp Materials IoT are two strong partners with distinct technological expertise. These competencies can especially support small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany in their digitization initiatives.

Why will MIP revolutionize the market for manufacturing IT?

The MIP unites IT technologies close to production. In this way, a variety of individual solutions can be turned into a complete system. Simply ingenious, because this eliminates unnecessary interfaces and we can standardize isolated solutions.

About MIP

Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex. This is the reason why today’s companies are asking for flexible platform solutions allowing to program applications according to their specific requirements and they can also combine applications from different providers. The MIP from MPDV embodies the first solution for production IT that makes this all possible.

The MIP is used as a central information and data platform in production and for all connected processes. All applications communicate using a common information model guaranteeing global interoperability. MIP users select from a multitude of so-called Manufacturing Apps (mApps) of various manufacturers. These mApps provide different functions and can be combined according to the users’ requirements. Companies can also develop their own mApps and offer them on the MIP marketplace. System integrators can create customized solutions from available applications for their customers. Thereby, the MIP becomes an ecosystem of users, providers and system integrators providing completely new business models.

More information about MIP and the MIP marketplace can be found HERE.