After the report on June 21st, there were three new fires reported.

North bay 4 is under control at 0.5 hectares and is located near Pickerel Bay of Lake Temagami.

Cochrane 8 is currently not under control at 4.5 hectares and is located near the far north communities of Fort Albany and Kashechewan.

Fire crews are working on this fire and no problems are anticipated at this time.

Cochrane 9, also located in the far north and West of Attawapiskat, is being observed at 25 hectares.

There are no new fires reported so far today.

The fire hazard ranges from low to high.

The areas of most concern are Greater Sudbury to North Bay, north of Timmins, and the extreme far north along Hudson’s Bay.

Out of Province

Ontario continues to support Alberta forest fire fighting efforts with personnel and equipment.

There are 53 personnel in Alberta including Type 1 FireRanger crews, strike team leaders and Agency Representatives who report receiving positive comments on the professionalism of the Ontario staff working with Alberta resources.

Ontario is also providing pump kits and almost 3,000 lengths of fire hose.

The Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services program is reminding people that they are responsible for safe outdoor fire management and must follow guidelines set out in the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario including no day burning of brush or grass fires.

Campfires are to be tended at all times and put out before leaving.