Montréal, Canada— The Montréal Wood Convention (MWC) 2024, the premier event for the wood industry in North America, is scheduled to take place from April 9 to 11, 2024, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montréal. This convention, the largest of its kind in Canada, will draw over a thousand participants from across the globe.

With more than 110 booths showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and products by the biggest companies in the industry, attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of the wood sector’s innovations and advancements. In addition to the exhibition booths, the convention will host a series of seminars, discussions, and panel sessions featuring leading industry experts.

One of the highlights of the event is the keynote speech by tech titan Michelle Romanov where she will be speaking about her own entrepreneurial experiences and offering valuable tips applicable to the wood industry and beyond.

Furthermore, the convention will feature a CEO Panel on the opportunities in wood product distribution by esteemed industry leaders such as Steve Rhone of Weston Forest, L.T. Gibson of US LBM, Amar Doman of Doman Building Materials, and Ian Fillinger of Interfor. This panel will indeed provide invaluable insights into the supply chain situation, market trends, and leadership strategies necessary for navigating the industry’s evolving landscape.

To cover AI and creativity, the MWC 2024 is offering participants a unique Breakfast Conference with no one other than David Usher, Juno Award Winner, talking about creativity in the age of AI.

Sven Gustavsson, Montréal Wood Convention Event Director, expresses his excitement for this year’s Convention by saying,

‘’The diverse range of seminars and discussions available to participants is unique this year. From economy to AI, we cover very important subjects for our participants. We also have a role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the wood industry, which we are doing by connecting people during these three days with networking opportunities and a Trade Show with more than 110 booths’’

The forest industry is a major player in the Canadian economy, with a contribution to GDP of over $20 billion, representing 8% of the Canadian manufacturing sector. With exports of over $38 billion in 2023, the sector boasts a solid positive trade balance (nearly $22 billion). As for lumber, Canada remains the 2nd largest producer, and in 2022, became, once again, the world’s largest exporter. In 2022, the forestry industry accounted for over 200,000 direct jobs (foresters, scientists, engineers, computer specialists, technicians, and skilled workers), and remains a pillar of economic development for many municipalities from coast to coast.

Christian Gilbert, the Chairman of the organizing committee and Director of Sales at J.D. Irving, reaffirms the convention’s significance as a key hub for wood product producers, wholesalers, and retailers.

“We expect a record participation from the United States and Canada, as well as a significant presence from overseas markets. The importance of the MWC in the big picture of the wood industry has never been more important. Sawmills, distributors, suppliers of services and equipment to the wood products industry are showing up in force again to meet up with an important customer base.”

The event, which has its roots in the Canadian Lumbermen’s Association (CLA) Convention, first held in 1908, was revamped and restarted in 2013 by four industry associations in Eastern Canada, the Maritime Lumber Bureau (MLB), the Ontario Forest Industry Association (OFIA), the Québec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) and the Québec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB).

Sources and information: Alex Fortin, Communication Advisor Montréal Wood Convention (MWC) | | 418-290-8993