The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia is proud to present The Balsam Fir Forum, a virtual conference specifically designed for Christmas Tree Growers across North America featuring industry leaders, researchers, and specialists.

When plans to host a national conference in Tatamagouche this August were canceled due to COVID-19, Council seized the opportunity to try something new and innovative.

Through a virtual platform they will deliver outstanding content from speakers across North America to an audience of Christmas tree growers from the aspiring to the well-established, and those in related industries.

Launching on August 21, 2020, the Forum will provide on-demand access to a variety of presentations relevant to growers from the comfort of home. The Balsam Fir Forum has engaged several North American experts and industry leaders including Dr. Jill Sidebottom, Dr. Scott White, Dale Thibodeau, and Jay Woodworth along with many other featured speakers. The Balsam Fir Forum will cover topics that are important to growers today, such as Integrated Pest Management, Fertility, Succession Planning, Health, and Safety as well as Taking Care of Business.

The forum is very thankful to all sponsors including the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, Farm Credit Canada, Genome Atlantic, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry, DeLong Farms Limited, G & C Hughes Enterprises, Scott & Stewart Forestry Consultants, Belchim Canada, Elite Balsam, CEED, Grant Thornton LLP, Absolute International Logistics, and Eurekatec.

The user-friendly design allows attendees to set their own pace to watch, listen, read, and review the content for twelve months.

Attend The Balsam Fir Forum

A Growing Place Designed for Christmas Tree Growers across North America

Launching August 21, 2020

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