SFI’s mission is to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaborations. As part of the collaborative process, SFI invites everyone to participate in the SFI Standard Revision process. The first draft of the new SFI standards will be available for public comment by early May 2020. This draft will include recommendations by the Standards Revision Task Groups, the SFI Resources Committee and the SFI Board of Directors based on comments SFI received during the first public comment period last year. SFI revises and updates the SFI standards to incorporate the latest scientific information and respond to emerging issues. This open and transparent process includes engaging with the conservation community, Indigenous communities, the forest products industry, brand owners, private forest landowners and public forest managers, government agencies, trade associations, landowner associations, academia and others. SFI Standard Revision Workshops across the U.S. and Canada allow attendees to discuss key topics and issues related to SFI standards.