Dr. Warren Mabee, director of Queen’s University, Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy/Canada Research Chair, will be the keynote speaker at the Trenton Woodlot Conference. Dr. Mabee will explore the role of woodlots in carbon sequestration, maintaining biodiversity, managing surface and groundwater, and meeting recreational needs.

This one-day event held near Trenton, Ont., is hosted by the Hastings Stewardship Council, will include an interactive field trip.

The conference is scheduled for Nov. 24.

Other speakers include Steve D’Eon, RPF, and Ken Elliot, RPF, on the subject of accelerating old-growth features in hardwood stands. Robert Spence, RPF, with the Ontario MNRF, will discuss the MNRF Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. Dan Baker, RPF, will present “Woodlot Management: Selling Timber from Your Woodlot & Tree Marking to Selecting a Logger.”

The Trenton Woodlot Conference is held at the Batawa Community Centre at 81 Plant St., Batawa. Admission is $35, including lunch. Preregistration is encouraged by Nov. 16. For online tickets, visit hastingsstewardship.ca.