DEEP RIVER, ON, CNW — Investing in Canada’s forest sector by building sustainable communities is an important part of our clean future. This is why Canada supports the use of wood in infrastructure projects as a green building material.

Parliamentary Secretary Paul Lefebvre, on behalf of the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, has announced nearly $4 million to the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) toward the construction of a series of mass timber buildings at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited‘s Chalk River Laboratories. Mr. Lefebvre made the announcement during National Forest Week, which celebrates the essential role that our forests play in Canadians’ everyday lives as a valuable, renewable resource that shapes our economy, history and identity.

The project will showcase the use of wood for low-rise, non-residential construction while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the Chalk River campus and contribute to Canada’s growing bioeconomy. (See CNL Revitalization Feature in Summer #1 of The Working Forest).

Funding is provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Green Construction through Wood program, which demonstrates Canada’s world leadership in innovative timber construction systems and technologies by encouraging the use of wood in non-traditional construction projects such as tall and non-residential buildings and bridges.

Projects like this will help Canada achieve its 2030 climate change goals by finding effective ways of building sustainably with Canadian wood products while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Canada is a world leader in developing new ways to use wood in construction. This helps us achieve our climate goals and creates new markets for Canadian timber,” said The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

“This innovative project demonstrates the benefits of using mass timber products in the construction of industrial buildings. It reinforces our position as a global leader in the transition to a low-carbon future,” said Paul Lefebvre, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

“The revitalization of the Chalk River Laboratories is key to helping us meet the challenges of tomorrow, including building a low-carbon future. Using Canadian wood for our new facilities is part of our commitment to environmental stewardship. By building a sustainable, world-class nuclear science and technology campus, we are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of science and innovation,” said Richard Sexton, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

“On behalf of CNL, I’d like to thank Parliamentary Secretary Lefebvre for taking time out from his busy schedule to visit the Chalk River campus to see this new modern and sustainable building up close. We’re very proud to use wood as the main structural construction material for our new buildings, a renewable resource that reduces the carbon footprint of our Chalk River campus. The design also pays tribute to the rich logging and lumber heritage of the Ottawa Valley, something we also take pride in, particularly during National Forest Week.”