Re: “Clearcut logging leaves shameful sight,” letter, June 16.

We are promoting the Vancouver Island Spine Trail as a continuous trail from Victoria to Cape Scott, which will pass through both Crown (public) and private lands. We see this trail to be an opportunity, among other things, to educate the public that industrial logging of second-growth timber is both beneficial to our local and provincial economy and sustainable with replanting. Harvesting does look messy to urban eyes, but it is temporary, and the same techniques are used on both Crown and private lands.

Ideally, our trail will pass through an interesting range of terrains and include areas of untouched wilderness, mature second growth, harvesting (at a safe distance), replanted sites and then juvenile stands to demonstrate the complete cycle.

We have been inspired by the success of the Pacific Crest Trail (from Mexico to Canada), the Appalachian Trail and others that demonstrate how popular these long-distance trails have become. We want the same for Vancouver Island.

Bill Feyrer


Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association

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