MONTREAL – Resolute Forest Products expressed praise for the government of Canada’s filing at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Canada launched a wide-ranging complaint against the United States, challenging a host of measures inconsistent with its WTO obligations.

A statement from Resolute applauds “the Canadian action, standing up for Canadian jobs and families, the company’s customers and business partners in the United States, and the international rule of law.”

“Resolute has been a victim of this pattern of behavior by the United States Department of Commerce. We are repeatedly confronting the same discredited protectionist policies when we fairly sell paper and lumber to American consumers who need and want these products,” stated Richard Garneau, president and CEO. “Many more jobs are at risk in the United States when there is not enough lumber to build houses or paper to print newspapers and books. Unfortunately, it is American consumers who pay the price of unfair duties. Canada is rightly emphasizing the United States is a continental partner, and free trade between the two nations is in the best interests of both countries and their shared economic prosperity.”

Resolute produces market pulp, tissue, wood products, newsprint and specialty papers, and owns manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada.

Photo of specialty paper rolls courtesy of Resolute Forest Products.