Comments are being accepted until Nov. 7, 2016, on two discussion papers released today as part of comprehensive timber supply reviews for the Cranbrook and Invermere timber supply areas.

Public feedback on the discussion papers will be considered by the chief forester before setting new allowable annual cut levels for the two timber supply areas. The discussion papers provide the results of the timber supply analysis, including base-case harvest forecasts. They also describe the geography, natural resources and current forest management practices in the Cranbrook and Invermere Timber Supply Areas.

The Cranbrook Timber Supply Area covers about 1.2 million hectares with approximately 352,000 hectares available for timber harvesting. The Invermere Timber Supply Area covers about 1.15 million hectares, with approximately 195,000 hectares available for timber harvesting.

The chief forester’s allowable annual cut determination is an independent professional judgement based on information such as technical forestry reports and input from First Nations and the public.

Under the Forest Act, the chief forester must determine the maximum amount of wood that can be harvested in each of the province’s 38 timber supply areas and 34 tree farm licences at least once every 10 years. However, a new allowable annual cut may be determined earlier in response to abnormal situations, or the current allowable annual cut postponed for up to five years if it is not expected to change significantly.

To download a copy of either discussion paper, visit the following Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations forest analysis and inventory branch webpages:



Copies of the discussion papers can also be viewed at the Rocky Mountain Natural Resource District office: 1902 Theatre Road, Cranbrook.