The Province has  released its Industry Outlook Profile for the next ten years, predicting  which sectors will see growth and  job demands.

The report, ( accessible here)   has detailed employment growth and job openings forecast information.  It is  predicted thee will be  nearly a million  job openings in B.C.  y 2025, with  most of those openings a result of retirement while one third will be  from  expansion in  the various sectors.

According to the  report forestry  will  see a decline  despite the housing  market recovery  in the U.S.  The decline in forestry will be the result of the fall out from the mountain pine beetle epidemic and  the loss of merchantable timber.  Yet,  even though  there will be a decline in  expansion ( down 1.4%   between now and 2025)  there will be  nearly 23hundred job openings created by the retirement of  current employees.

As for mining,  the report  predicts that with commodity prices  improving,  mining  will see an overall  expansion of 2.4%,  with  just under 6,400 job openings over the next ten years.

With LNG not yet off the ground,  the  report looked  at  oil and gas extraction activity. It has a positive road ahead with  2.7% expansion, and 2,495  job openings over the next  decade.

The education sector  will see some growth according to the report, with  increased enrollment and  retirements of teachers in  the K-12  stream.  The report  predicts overall growth of 1.4%  with 35, 487 job openings between now and 2025.

Labour market demand and supply are influenced by a combination of trends that change from year to year. Labour market projections in the profiles are based on available economic and labour market data from Statistics Canada and other sources. They are meant to reflect general expected trends over the medium to long term.

The 2025 British Columbia Labour Market Outlook and industry profiles can be a  resource for educators, counsellors, students and their families in making decisions regarding education and skills training. They also help those who are unemployed or underemployed find jobs that are in demand right now.