Finnpulp has signed a letter of intent with Port of HaminaKotka for operating the export of its pulp products. The agreement consists of the leasing of the land and planning of the warehouse for export products. Finnpulp will concentrate its pulp deliveries to the Port of HaminaKotka and build in the future a logistics center in Mussalo D area, which will handle the export cargo on all of the company’s global markets. Shipping will be made both in containers and the break bulk cargo.

Finnpulp will transport pulp products directly via rail from Kuopio to Port of HaminaKotka, which is the largest export harbour in Finland.

Finnpulp is currently carrying out pre-engineering stage of the biorproduct mill. Pre-engineering stage is estimated to be completed year 2019. The pre-engineering will include preparation of the construction stage of the mill’s processes, technologies and mill site layouts. This phase includes also the research and decisions of the logistic solutions. After completion of the engineering, the company will make its final investment decision on the construction of the bioproduction mill in Sorsasalo, Kuopio.

Finnpulp’s bioproduct mill will be the world’s largest softwood pulp mill. The annual pulp production capacity of the bioproduction mill is 1.2 million tons. Mill will also produce 60,000 tons of tall oil and one terawatt-hour (TWh) bioelectricity to the domestic power grid. The mill will use 6.7 million cubic meters of raw wood material per year. Once completed, the investment of 1.4 billion euros bioproduction mill’s effect on Finland’s export income will be +1% and has a permanent employment effect of around 3,400 people annually.