PONSSE Opti 8 is a state-of-the-art touchscreen computer designed for PONSSE forest machines.

The new Opti 8 computer offers more power and memory than the previous version. Hard disc storage capacity has been doubled to ensure operation of future applications.

“The design of PONSSE Opti 8 computer focuses, above all, on its use in a demanding forest machine environment. The computer is developed by Ponsse, together with the Group’s technology company Epec. Opti 8 computers are manufactured at Epec´s production facility in Seinäjoki,” says Markku Savolainen, Ponsse Plc´s product manager, equipment automation. “Opti 8 allows us to make the control systems of PONSSE forest machines more user-friendly than before,” Savolainen says.

The Opti 8 computer will come standard in PONSSE harvesters and forwarders from the beginning of 2021.

The best properties for demanding conditions

  • Enables research and development of machine information systems far into the future.
  • Designed to meet the high-quality requirements of PONSSE forest machines and forest companies.
  • Larger 15.6” display with first-rate brightness, resolution, and viewing angle.
  • Capacitive touchscreen used on mobile devices.
  • Starts immediately, even in extreme cold.
  • Windows 10 operating system

Ponsse is an active developer of information systems for forest machines. The PONSSE Opti product range consists of machine control and measuring device systems for harvesters, forwarders, and track-based applications.

Epec Oy is a system supplier that specializes in smart machine control systems and advanced electronics for electric machines. Epec Oy is responsible for the production planning and manufacturing of the Opti 8 computer. Epec Oy is a subsidiary of Ponsse Plc.