Ontario’s Government for the People released a new made-in-Ontario environment plan to protect our air, land, and water and reduce litter and waste while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and helping communities protect themselves from climate change.

“This plan strikes the right balance between a healthy environment and a healthy economy,” said Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks. “It contains solutions that will protect our air, land, and water, reduce waste, address litter, increase our resilience to climate change and help us all do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most importantly, it does all of this without imposing an ineffective, regressive carbon tax on hard-working Ontario families.”

Preserving and Protecting our Environment for Future Generations: A Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan will help protect the Ontario we know and love, ensuring its pristine beauty and strong communities can be enjoyed now and in the future. The new plan is posted on the Environmental Registry for public input for 60 days.

This government will hold polluters accountable with stronger enforcement and tougher penalties for breaking environmental laws. These made-in-Ontario emission standards will also consider factors such as trade-exposure, competitiveness, and process-emissions and will include the authority to introduce exemptions for Ontario’s auto sector and other exposed industries as needed.

The plan additionally includes robust transparency measures that will ensure the public has real-time information about monitoring, incidents and enforcement activities.

Ontario will also enable others to be environmental leaders and do their part in developing environmental solutions. This includes helping unleash the resourcefulness and creativity of the private sector while freeing them from burdensome taxes and red tape that make them less profitable and hinder their growth.

It will also encourage meaningful local environmental action through initiatives such as a new province-wide day of action to fight litter, alongside meaningful partnerships with organizations like Ducks Unlimited and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to fight invasive species and encourage conservation.

“Our plan will encourage individuals, families, governments and businesses to take greater ownership of our shared environmental challenges through real actions, big and small,” said Phillips. “We promised the people of Ontario we are serious about addressing environmental challenges of our day while respecting hard-working taxpayers – and we are keeping that promise.”

Overview of Ontario’s Environment Plan

The Ontario Government has released a comprehensive and ambitious environment plan for the province, aimed at protecting the air, land, and water, reducing waste, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

This plan recognizes the importance of public input and private sector involvement in achieving its goals. The government understands that environmental protection is a collective effort, and therefore, it has posted the plan on the Environmental Registry to encourage public input and feedback.

By involving the public, the government aims to ensure that the plan reflects the needs and concerns of the people of Ontario. Additionally, the plan recognizes the vital role of the private sector in developing and implementing environmental solutions.

It seeks to enable the private sector by reducing burdensome taxes and red tape, and by fostering partnerships with organizations to drive innovation and sustainability.

Accountability and Enforcement Measures

To ensure accountability and strengthen enforcement of environmental laws, Ontario’s plan includes tougher penalties for violations and introduces stronger measures to hold polluters accountable. The aim is to create a deterrent effect and discourage individuals and organizations from engaging in activities that harm the environment.

Tougher penalties will be imposed on those who violate environmental laws, ensuring that the consequences match the severity of the offense.

In addition to this, the plan also emphasizes the implementation of transparency measures. These measures will provide the public with real-time information on monitoring, incidents, and enforcement activities. By promoting transparency, Ontario aims to foster a culture of openness and accountability, allowing citizens to stay informed about environmental issues and ensuring that polluters are held responsible for their actions.

Encouraging Environmental Leadership

By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, Ontario’s environment plan encourages businesses and organizations to actively participate in developing sustainable solutions. Private sector involvement is crucial in driving environmental leadership and promoting green practices. The plan recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaborations with organizations such as Ducks Unlimited and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. These partnerships provide opportunities for businesses to engage with environmental initiatives and contribute to conservation efforts. Additionally, community engagement plays a significant role in encouraging environmental leadership. The plan includes a province-wide day of action to fight litter, which aims to mobilize communities and individuals to take ownership of environmental challenges. By involving the private sector and engaging communities, Ontario’s environment plan aims to create a collective effort in addressing environmental issues and fostering a sustainable future.

Private Sector InvolvementCommunity Engagement
Partnerships with organizationsProvince-wide day of action
Reducing taxes and red tapeMobilizing communities
Developing sustainable solutionsEncouraging conservation
Driving green practicesEngaging individuals


In conclusion, Ontario’s comprehensive environment plan demonstrates the government’s commitment to safeguarding natural resources and reducing the ecological footprint.

By striking a balance between a healthy environment and a thriving economy, the plan encourages private sector engagement and community involvement.

With stringent accountability and enforcement measures in place, Ontario is taking decisive action to address waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental law violations.