This year’s fair is virtual! We are excited to deliver a fully interactive, online experience. Create your own avatar and navigate the virtual event, speaking with college faculty and staff.

Everything you need to learn about college in one place!

November 4th Wednesday 4PM to 8PM

November 5th Thursday 9AM to 1PM

Free admission

There is no cost to attend!

  • Learn about careers available and which college programs will best prepare you for those careers
  • Find out about unique programs that can only be offered at Ontario colleges
  • Get more information on how and when to apply
  • Hear about campus life, housing, and student services
  • Find out how to pay for college

Talk to recruiters, staff, and students

Ask questions and get insight from professors, recruitment advisors, current students and alumni at all Ontario Colleges.

Get in the know with information sessions

Info sessions are offered on-demand in various auditoriums across the event. Colleges have auditoriums where they will offer presentations about their specific college, and general college presentations are offered in the main auditorium. Each auditorium will have college reps available to answer questions.
Info sessions offered in the main auditorium:

  • How to Pay for College
  • How to Apply to College
  • College Pathway