TORONTO – CHAR Technologies has completed the acquisition of the Altech Group, which is comprised of Altech Environmental Consulting and Altech Technologies Systems.

Bill White, chairman of CHAR, said the acquisition adds more than 30 years of experience in environmental technologies and professional engineering consulting to the company and that “Altech provides CHAR with a growth catalyst to move much of our engineering design in-house, while at the same time allows us to greatly expand our technology solutions offering for industrial clean air and clean water.”

The new joint enterprise plans to commercialize a new cleantech solid fuel branded CleanFyre. This product is a GHG-neutral coal replacement, generically referred to as biocoal. CHAR says CleanFyre will allow large industrial customers the ability to greatly reduce their GHG emissions without significant capital expenditures. According to Andrew White, CEO of CHAR, “CleanFyre will leverage both Altech’s experience and expertise, and CHAR’s platform pyrolysis technology, the same technology used to create SulfaCHAR, to create a solution with strong market pull and significant growth opportunity.”

CHAR produces a proprietary activated charcoal-like material called SulfaCHAR, which can be used to removed hydrogen sulfide from various gas streams. SulfaCHAR has further use as a sulfur-enriched biochar for agricultural purposes (soil amendment product).