New Panel Marks Further Progress on Commitments on One-Year Anniversary of the Draft Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan

TORONTO — Ontario’s government continues to make significant progress towards further consultation on and implementation of key commitments outlined in the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan over the past year. Today, the government announced another step forward in the plan with the establishment of a new advisory panel on climate change.

Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, recognized the one-year anniversary of the draft Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan at the Centre for Urban Innovation at Ryerson University today. He introduced the new advisory panel on climate change and outlined how they will provide expert advice on the implementation of the province’s climate change actions – especially how Ontarians can prepare for the costs and impacts of climate change.

“Our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan is our roadmap to providing effective and affordable solutions to address climate change and protect our environment,” said Minister Yurek. “I am proud of the progress we have made so far and look forward to the advisory panel’s advice on how we can continue to take action on our plan’s climate change commitments in a way that respects hardworking Ontarians and balances a healthy environment with a healthy economy.”

The advisory panel on climate change consists of experts on climate change resiliency who have experience in a variety of sectors, including the not-for-profit, agriculture and insurance sectors. The panel includes Paul Kovacs as the Chair and Lynette Mader as the Vice-Chair.

“The knowledge exists to prevent losses from flooding, wildfire and other climate extremes,” said Mr. Kovacs. “Members of the advisory panel on climate change look forward to working with the Government of Ontario to champion climate resilience. Working together, we can break the alarming trend of rising severe weather damage to homes, businesses and public infrastructure. Action on climate resilience is a critical element of a comprehensive strategy on climate change.”

This is one of many actions the government has taken over the past year to help protect Ontario’s natural environment, as part of the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan.

As we move forward, the plan will continue to evolve with new updates and information as we continue to consult and collaborate with stakeholders and other governments to implement our plan to protect our air, land and water, address litter and reduce waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help communities and families prepare for climate change.