There’s a sugar maple in Gage Park that is worth more than $21,000.

As lumber?

No, as an annual estimate of what it adds to the city’s life, a collection environmental and aesthetic benefits that include energy conservation, air quality improvement, CO2 reduction, stormwater control, and property value increase.

In recognition of National Tree Day Wednesday,  the City of Hamilton labeled around 150 trees around town with a price tag to promote the idea of the value that may not be fully appreciated.

Alex Moroz, the Community Liaison Coordinator with the Parks and Cemeteries department, said they use an online tool like this one to determine an individual tree’s monetary value. These calculators factor in things like species, condition, location, and size of any given tree.

Anyone can use a tool like this to get an idea how much an individual tree is worth, assuming they have enough information.

Marked trees can be found in Gage Park, on Burlington Street between Gage Avenue North and Ottawa Street North, and on Upper Wentworth between Limeridge Mall and T.B. McQuesten Community Park.

Also, “Residents in Hamilton are encouraged to participate in the Street Tree Planting Program,” says a city press release, “which offers free trees to homeowners in Hamilton.”

“The trees are planted on City-owned road allowance. To learn more or to submit a free tree request visit