Extended class hours, more hands-on training and a reduced time commitment

The tuition for the 8-week class is $2625.00

The National Hardwood Lumber Association has announced a format change for the NHLA Inspector Training School. The traditional 12-week program will now be offered as a NEW, 8-week course, scheduled to begin on January 5, 2021. This is a permanent format change for the program. The decision to make the format change came after careful deliberation, surveys, member feedback, and one-on-one conversations. Ultimately the Inspector Training School committee and the NHLA Board of Managers voted and agreed on the change at the recent NHLA Board of Managers meeting.

This summer, the School conducted a 7-week beta program to determine the effectiveness of a modified curriculum and reduced time period. The 10 students in attendance achieved grade point averages on par with the traditional 12-week program. The goal of the NHLA Inspector Training School’s new model is to educate more students and get them back to work sooner while increasing the students’ value to the company.

The course will be different from the traditional 12-week course in the following ways.

· Class hours have been extended by ½ hour each day over the eight week period, as well as the addition of Saturdays (1/2 day) for students who need the additional time.

· Lumber Rule will be utilized at the end of the first week.

· The first board run will take place during the second week.

· Students will be provided with study guides and required to memorize and study on their own time, more than in the 12-week course.

· Students will also receive more homework and practice work to complete on their own, with the Instructor completing a review the next day during class.

· Memorization of the species exceptions will no longer be required, while memorization of definitions, general instructions, and standard grades will continue to be prioritized.

· Species exceptions will be introduced and practiced.

· Students will be expected to pass two separate 100 Board Run tests, which will include species exceptions, as was required in the past.

· Daily lectures, quizzes, and exams will continue in the same manner.

· Fewer field trips will be taken during the 8-week course.

· It will be mandatory for all students to practice inspecting on a Green Chain, once the Instructor has determined the appropriate time for that.

· The 8-week course will cover additional topics as extra-curricular activities, such as safety, supervisory skills, proper lumber stacking, kiln drying, and species identification.

Registration is now open for the 194th Class of the Inspector Training School, which begins on January 5, 2021, and will be taught by Mr. Roman Matyushchenko. Roman began his career with NHLA in 2013 as an International Inspector, and in 2019 became the Associate Dean of Education, as well as the ITS Instructor.

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Tuition is $2,625.00 ($2500 + $125.00 for supplies). A $100.00 deposit is required at the time of on-line registration, with the remaining balance due 10 days prior to the class start date. This class is limited to the first 20 students who register. Classes will be offered three times per year; spring, summer and fall.

To register, or for any additional questions, please contact Carol McElya, ITS Administrator, at 901-399-7563. You can also Learn More at www.nhla.com/education.