The Newfoundland and Labrador Forestry Service is proposing an amendment to the Five Year plan for Forest Management District 2, to accommodate a commercial harvesting request.

The request for the amendment was registered with the Department of Environment on Aug. 28, and public comments are welcomed until Oct. 5. The minister’s decision is due by Oct. 12.

The amendment being requested is for harvesting block C0234, near Lethbridge on the Bonavista Peninsula, for a new commercial operator who has been allocated a 500 cubic metre annual permit.

In a press release, the Forestry Service said the amendment will provide access to an additional 49 hectares of forested land and 3,000 cubic metres of harvestable timber in an area adjacent to the operator’s commercial sawmill.

“The district’s sustainable harvest level will not be exceeded as harvesting will be reduced elsewhere in the district,” according to the department.  Access to the area will be via existing forest access trails.  Harvesting is expected to be finished during the current Five Year Forest Management Plan for District 2.