In recent months, the Wood WORKS! E-learning Centre added 15 new courses that were recorded at the Wood Solutions Fairs in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.  Through the Wood WORKS! eLearning Center, you can take a wide range of courses about designing and building with wood. A prestigious international faculty of renowned Architects, Engineers, Researchers and Educators present Professional Development programs that provide current information on wood materials, design and applications.
All courses are FREE, online, self-paced, available 24/7 for your convenience and qualify for continuing education hours with the American Institute of Architects, Engineering Institute of Canada and all Canadian Provincial  Architect Associations.

More than 50 courses available including:

 Fire Resistance Rating Information and Tools for Wood Buildings by Ineke Van Zeeland, Manager, Codes and Standards, CWC

This presentation discusses various sources of information and tools that may be used to develop solutions to meet the building code’s fire-resistance rating requirements for wood buildings, including the 2015 revisions to the Component Additive Method and a new Annex B, entitled “Fire resistance of large cross-section wood elements,” in CSA O86 Engineering Design in Wood.

The Bullitt Center: Heavy Timber and the Living Building Challenge by Brian Court, AIA, LEED AP, Associate, The Miller Hull Partnership

The Bullitt Center, a six-story heavy timber building, recently competed in Seattle, is predicted to be the world’s most energy efficient commercial building. It has been designed to last 250 years and to achieve the highest benchmark of building sustainability—Living Building Challenge™ (LBC) certification. In this presentation, Project Architect Brian Court will give a short overview of the LBC, discuss the design strategies for the Bullitt Center, and highlight structural and environmental virtues of the heavy timber structural system such as renewability, contribution to energy efficiency, and light carbon footprint.

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