Canadian Consulting Engineer — New legislation was introduced to put modern building code standards in place across New Brunswick.

Dubbed the Building Code Administration Act, the legislation is designed to help ensure the same safety standards are met throughout the province, in alignment with National Building Code (NBC) updates, according to a report by Canadian Consulting Engineer.

“We have heard from stakeholders, who have been waiting years for the government to ensure consistency across our province, and we are taking action to make it happen,” says Carl Urquhart, the province’s public safety minister and solicitor general. “This legislation will give our cabinet the authority to adopt the latest version of the NBC, which would allow for the construction of wood-framed buildings of up to six stories.”

The act also calls for the province’s department of public safety to take over building code administration–within one year–from the department of environment and local government, which would continue to be responsible for development, land use and community planning matters. The day-to-day administration of building inspections and permits, meanwhile, would remain in the hands of local governments and regional service commissions.

The provincial legislation would also allow the cabinet to adopt the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB).

“That is good news for people who want to see us using New Brunswick resources and lowering everyone’s carbon footprint,” says Urquhart. “The government’s goal is to have the new code in place across New Brunswick in time for the start of the 2021 construction season.”

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