To mark National Forest Week, representatives of Domtar Inc., EACOM Timber Corporation and Forests Ontario gathered in Northeastern Ontario to unveil a new billboard as the most recent development in the province-wide It Takes A Forest initiative. The billboard promotes Ontario’s world-class forest management standards, as well as the importance of our forests and forest sector to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the province.

The It Takes A Forest initiative is a collaborative effort of over 40 organizations, designed to increase public awareness of Ontario’s forests through the dissemination of fact-based information. Whether living in big cities or rural communities, forests are the centre of our lives. They purify the air and water, they provide habitat for animals, they help fight climate change and they offer endless playgrounds to enjoy nature. Forests also provide the wood we need to build homes and make many products that make our lives better.

The new billboard is located just outside of Webbwood, Ontario, approximately 75 km west of Sudbury on Highway 17. It focuses on wildlife and the important role that sustainable forest management practices play in ensuring the long-term provision of wildlife habitat.

“We are pleased to support this initiative; we believe it is important for every Ontarian to understand and appreciate this fantastic resource” said Bonny Skene, regional public affairs manager for Domtar. “The forests support jobs, clean our air and provide an amazing venue for so many outdoor activities.”

“Canadian forests are a great public treasure. Our team at EACOM is proud to help showcase how responsible forestry practices not only ensure that this renewable resource is maintained into the future, but also work to protect wildlife habitat and social values,” explained Jennifer Tallman, R.P.F., Chief Forester, Ontario at EACOM. “It Takes A Forest is a unique platform that celebrates environmental stewardship, collaboration and transparency; we hope the billboard will encourage Ontarians to connect with the initiative online or at events in their community.”

Since its launch in 2016, It Takes A Forest has developed a wide range of tools to connect with Ontarians on a variety of forestry-related topics, including sustainable forest management, wildlife, recreation and human health, climate change and the benefits of wood and wood-based products. In addition to erecting twelve billboards across the province, It Takes A Forest also participates in local events and uses social media platforms to engage the minds of the public and encourage informed dialogue.

“Ontario is recognized as a world leader in forest management” adds Rob Keen, CEO of Forests Ontario. “Our approach to forestry ensures we provide for multiple forest values over the long-term. We believe all Ontarians should be very proud of how well our forests are managed and increasing the awareness of our forests and our forestry practices is a critical step.”

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