MASSTIMBER.CA — Around the world, mass timber buildings are increasing in size, height, and complexity. Advancements in wood products and construction are helping build more resilient, climate-smart communities in British Columbia and Canada. B.C. has a unique opportunity to leverage its competitive advantages—trees and timber expertise.

The Province of British Columbia, through Forestry Innovation Investment, will invest $3 million to accelerate the use of mass timber in B.C., and to support jobs and employment recovery in the design, engineering, construction, and product manufacturing sectors.

B.C.’s design practitioners, developers, construction contractors, provincial and municipal code, permitting and approval agencies will benefit from the lessons learned from these research and building projects. Dissemination of information and results is foundational to this program and funding priority will be given to projects with a plan to share and communicate results.

The long-term goals are to expand the use of mass timber in B.C., to overcome impediments to the development of mass timber expertise and construction, and to lock in B.C.’s global leadership in advanced wood products, technologies, and services.

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