It looks like something from a computer game, but this church made out of trees is very much real.

The picturesque ‘Tree Church’ was built (er… grown?) by Barry Cox in New Zealand.

Unsurprisingly couples are stepping over each other for a chance to get married in the magical church, which can sit 100 people.

Barry spent years travelling around Europe studying church architecture, giving him both the knowledge and the inspiration to create an organic one of his own.

He told ‘I cleared the area in April 2011 and made the iron frame, drawing on all the research I had done over the years of studying churches.

‘I wanted the roof and the walls to be distinctly different, to highlight the proportions, just like masonry churches.’

The church, which took him four years to create, sits in the garden of his 1.2 hectare property.

Amazingly, Barry isn’t actually religious himself.

‘We are not religious at all, but felt that the Tree Church gave our wedding a sense of venerability in a natural, relaxed and non-denominational way,’ his friend Doona Signal said.

It definitely looks like something you would find full of Hobbits in The Shire, which is fitting considering it can be found in the country where Lord of the Rings was filmed.