As the Department of Commerce continues its investigation of Canadian subsidies within the supercalendered paper market, a trio of legislators from the state of Maine — Republican Sen. Susan Collins, independent Sen. Angus King, and Republican Rep. Bruce Poliiqun — sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker outlining concerns that the investigation terms are too limited and could negatively affect business in their home state.

The original trade case, brought by the U.S. Coalition for Fair Paper Imports, was focused on what it calls excessive subsidies that have been received by Port Hawkesbury Paper in Nova Scotia. The Maine lawmakers strongly support the ongoing investigation, as it is vitally important to Madison Paper Industries, the leading producer of supercalendered paper in Maine and an employer of over 200 residents of rural Maine.

“In support of a fair and fact-based investigation, we urge you to investigate all four Canadian supercalendered paper producers within the current timeframe,” their letter states. “In doing so, we strongly encourage the department to dedicate any additional resources as necessary to ensure that the quality of the investigation is not jeopardized. We believe these steps are the surest way to protect the jobs at the Madison mill, ensure the financial health of the mill in Rumford, and provide an appropriate remedy for foreign subsidies that make it difficult, if not impossible, for American mills to compete.”